Jan 25 2012


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Everybody feels disappointment in life sooner or later and keep looking the best way to live life . In many occasions some of us try to end up the life that much we get fed up sometimes. Living life the best way is one of  the art. Once we accept the art of living, our life become divine and energetic. Please note here: everything is possible. Some things get worst but we all have got ability to fight and win with any horrible circumstances.

Best Way To Live Life

Don’t think you are only targeted by worst situation. Just look around and see other people how they are coping and hiding their pain. We all face stress, struggle, depression, failure, discouragement, tension, pressure, unhappiness, grief, tiredness, negativity, etc… in our life. There is no exception for anyone. If we have got life, naturally we have got troubles with it. Unfortunately, everything is not easy in this world. There are many obstacles in every single path. Sometimes we are expecting something and happen something else. Every person faces some troubles and problems in their life. Sometime we screw up our life with our own hands. This is the way the life is.

Now how to live life without any pain? There are so many different ways can make our life more meaningful and create happiness like yoga, meditation, some discipline, change of lifestyle and having some principle in life.  So many people are taking advantage of these lifesaving things and changing their view point toward life.

We always look the best way to live life and get most out of our life. Our goal is to live life with full of happiness and full of energy. Below is the simple list of principles which can be applied in your life in order to live the best life. Please bookmark this page and keep adopting these principles in your life and be happy.

The Best Way To Live Life…

  • Be positive about everything whatever you do in your life.
  • Be happy for seeing other people happy. This attitude will change your entire life.
  • Love everyone in your life and see everyone is equal.
  • Don’t do show offs by following others. Always present your true personality. This will help you get together with true people.
  • When you feel stress or depression listen some light music, watch your favourite program, talk to your loved ones or do whatever you feel like.
  • When you get angry start counting reverse from 10 to 1 slowly. If anger still stays count again until it will disappear.
  • Enjoy every moment of your life. Forget yesterday, it’s gone. Don’t worry about tomorrow as no one has seen yet. Live in your present with full of joy and passion.
  • Don’t complain about everything and all the time. Instead of complaining utilise this time to live life better way.
  • Make one commitment every day to yourself and fulfil it whatever it costs. Like make promise to yourself to feed at least one person today or make this person happy by your own efforts.
  • Grab the opportunity, don’t let it pass. We have so many opportunity surrounded by us but we are so busy never realised it or never give any attention to it and let it go every time.
  • Follow your task and goals. Some people just ignore their goal which has been set to get succeed. Don’t be one of them. Take action and turn your imagination or dream into reality.
  • Surprise your family and friends by giving gifts without any reason. Giving is best thing in this world. This will make you closer to your family and friend. Evan life is full of surprises.
  • Forget and forgive others mistakes. If you keep holding past mistakes done by others, you never be happy or live your life fullest.
  • Give some time or break to yourself. Too much work at a time can only damage you outside and inside. A little break or a short holiday can give you freshness to fulfil your task.
  • Be 100% confident whatever you do. Full confidence can win you half way of battle.
  • Be passionate in your daily activity. This way you will be more productive.
  • Every day is learning day. So, learn something new every day from your life and think life as a learning opportunity.
  • Have at least one ideal or role model in your life.  Whatever you call them ideal, role model, Guru, etc… they always inspire and motivate you when you are on low level of the way to your goal.
  • Don’t hold them who want to go. Every relationship needs understanding between individuals. You will be happy, if the other person who is in your life is happy. Holding that person who doesn’t want to be there, only can give you pain.
  • Spend some quality time with you family and friends and realise them you actually care about them.
  • Never get scared to take risk on anything. Daring can get you succeed quickly.
  • Help others who desperately need your help. Be volunteer for charity and donate to good cause. These kinds of things will give you peace of mind.
  • Fall in love with someone. If you are already in love, show your love to your beloved.
  • Laugh more and more doing your daily activity.
  • Be your personal developer and keep developing yourself by learning new skill, online study, hobbies, interests, etc…
  • Never stop trying new things in your life. This way you will know which one is better to apply in your day to day life.
  • Live the simple life and be creative. Simplicity is the best.
  • Do not wait for the miracle, be the miracle. You and only you can change your life.
  • Admit your faults and mistakes and learn from your and others mistakes. No one is perfect or best. Try to be better by learning from your mistake.

Thanks for taking your valuable time to visit this website reading this page. There are many best ways to live life without any regrets. We just need to find which are the best for us and live life that way. Our life is precious and we should live life lively. Human being is very unique creation of nature and no other lives compare to human in this world.

So, keep in mind we were born to live our life. Now it’s up to you to choose what way is the best way to live your life.

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  1. Asiru Nasir says:

    Really inspiring, I like the post and the site also.

  2. Asiru Nasir says:

    Really inspiring, I like the post and the site also.

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